The Boss Joins Liverpool

Posted: August 10, 2010 by Ellie in news
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The boss comes to Liverpool

Liverpool one has revealed that there will be a new store opening in peter’s lane. The new shop will be a 3,200 sq ft so with all that space there should be plenty of things to look at.

The new Hugo Boss store will be opening in august this store will be the Hugo Boss black store which specialise in men’s wear. As Hugo Boss is such a big name I don’t think that everything in the store will be very cheap but your buying a quality and well known brand so sometimes you have to pay that little bit more for quality.

Hugo Boss is one of the biggest companies in the fashion industry with over 6 thousand stores in 110 different countries. The company founded in 1924 has grown bigger and bigger since then make even more of a name for it’s self and Liverpool one are extremely happy for Hugo Boss to be opening a store with them.

Hugo boss mainly started making clothes for men but over the years they have brands for men women and children. The first brand of men’s wear was released in the early 1970s the brand was named Boss black.

Since 2008 Hugo Boss has had an agreement with Samsung to design and develop mobile phones and other related electronic accessories.

What’s your opinion on the Hugo Boss range?


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